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Memory Cards : A Series

SD memory Card

FinePix A330 No No No
FinePix A340 No No No
FinePix A345 No No No
FinePix A350 No No No
FinePix A360 No No No
FinePix A370 No No No
FinePix A400 No No No
FinePix A500 No No No
FinePix A600 No No No
FinePix A610 Yes Yes *4 No
FinePix A700 No No No
FinePix A800 Yes Yes *4 No
FinePix A820 Yes Yes *4 No
FinePix A900 Yes Yes *4 No
FinePix A920 Yes Yes No
FinePix AV100 / AV105 Yes *5 Yes *5 No
FinePix AV150 Yes *5 Yes *5 No
FinePix AV200 / AV205 Yes *5 Yes *5 No
FinePix AV230 / AV235 Yes *5 Yes *5 No
FinePix AV250 / AV255 Yes *5 Yes *5 No
FinePix AV280 / AV285 Yes *5 Yes *5 No
FinePix AX200 / AX205 Yes *5 Yes *5 No
FinePix AX250 Yes *5 Yes *5 No
FinePix AX300 / AX305 Yes *5 Yes *5 No
FinePix AX330 / AX335 Yes *5 Yes *5 No
FinePix AX350 / AX355 Yes *5 Yes *5 No
FinePix AX380 / AX385 Yes *5 Yes *5 No
Fujifilm A100 Yes Yes No
Fujifilm A150 Yes Yes No
Fujifilm A170 / A175 Yes Yes No
Fujifilm A220 / A225 Yes Yes No
Fujifilm A850 Yes Yes No
  • *1 Checked with the following models : SanDisk 512MB, 1GB, 2GB.
  • *2 Checked with the following models : SanDisk 4GB, 8GB,16GB,32GB.
  • *3 Checked with the following models : SanDisk 64GB.
  • *4 Cameras need to upgrade into the new firmware.Visit the following website.
  • *5 Use a memory card with a class 4 write speed(4MB/s) or better when shooting HD movie..

*Fujifilm’s digital cameras manufactured since 2007 are not compatible with SmartMedia, MicroDrive and DPC-CF.

xD-Picture Card™

 xD-PictureCard™xD-PictureCard™Type M/Type M+xD-PictureCard™Type H
FinePix A330 Yes Yes *1 Yes *1
FinePix A340 Yes Yes *1 Yes *1
FinePix A345 Yes Yes *2 Yes *2
FinePix A350 Yes Yes *2 Yes *2
FinePix A360 Yes Yes *2 Yes *2
FinePix A370 Yes Yes *2 Yes *2
FinePix A400 Yes Yes Yes
FinePix A500 Yes Yes Yes
FinePix A600 Yes Yes Yes
FinePix A610 Yes Yes Yes
FinePix A700 Yes Yes Yes
FinePix A800 Yes Yes Yes
FinePix A820 Yes Yes Yes
FinePix A900 Yes Yes Yes
FinePix A920 Yes Yes Yes
FinePix AV100 / AV105 No No No
FinePix AV150 No No No
FinePix AV200 / AV205 No No No
FinePix AV230 / AV235 No No No
FinePix AV250 / AV255 No No No
FinePix AV280 / AV285 No No No
FinePix AX200 / AX205 No No No
FinePix AX250 No No No
FinePix AX300 / AX305 No No No
FinePix AX330 / AX335 No No No
FinePix AX350 / AX355 No No No
FinePix AX380 / AX385 No No No
Fujifilm A100 No No No
Fujifilm A150 No No No
Fujifilm A170 / A175 No No No
Fujifilm A220 / A225 No No No
Fujifilm A850 No No No
  • *1 Cameras with the following serial numbers must update to make compatible with the xD-Picture Cards™ Type M and Type H. Visit the following website.
  • A330 Serial No. 4A******,4B******,4CA50175 or younger,4CL45446 or younger,4J******,4K******,4LL0****
  • A340 Serial No. 4B******,4CA65530 or younger,4J******,4K******,4LL0****
  • *2 Compatible with the 1GB,512MB,and 256MB except 2GB xD-Picture Card™ TypeM / TypeH.

*Fujifilm’s digital cameras manufactured since 2007 are not compatible with SmartMedia, MicroDrive and DPC-CF.