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ASTALIFT rejuvenates with enhanced antioxidant benefits

January 14, 2013
  • New ingredient, nano-Lycopene, added to boost antioxidant benefits
  • Launch of new ASTALIFT Essence Destiny
  • New environmentally-friendly refill packaging

FUJIFILM (Singapore) Pte. Ltd. will release a rejuvenated ASTALIFT, more powerful version of its popular anti-ageing skincare series. Eleven products from the cleansers to the eye cream will be invigorated with this new formulation to deliver the appearance of firm photogenic skin with a lustrous glow. They will be available from 15 January 2013.

ASTALIFT is becoming increasingly popular and reputable as a skincare and beauty brand throughout Asia and Europe. The technologies used in ASTALIFT include Fujifilm’s findings from its research on collagen, antioxidation and nanotechnology cultivated in the development and manufacturing of photographic film for over 75 years.

The rejuvenated, more powerful version of ASTALIFT is boosted with another powerful antioxidant called Lycopene. It is combined with ASTALIFT’s signature ingredient, Astaxanthin, to deliver the feel of firmer skin. This new formulation triples the power of red in ASTALIFT’s anti-ageing skincare. Astaxanthin, one of nature’s most powerful super antioxidants and 1,000 times more powerful than CoQ10, is a natural red pigment found in salmon, sea bream, salmon roe, prawns and red seaweed. Sharing the same hue, Lycopene is a red carotenoid pigment found in tomatoes, watermelons and persimmons.

Enhancing the antioxidant benefits of ASTALIFT products, Lycopene not only promotes the natural production of antioxidants in human skin cells, it also increases the lifespan of Astaxanthin and enhances its antioxidant capacity by approximately three times.

Launch of new ASTALIFT Essence Destiny

ASTALIFT will also release the new Essence Destiny, a beauty serum cultivated on proprietary collagen research developed by Fujifilm, the company behind the ASTALIFT brand, to improve the feel of skin firmness and elasticity.

The new Essence Destiny firms skin and works hand in hand with ASTALIFT’s Jelly Aquarysta, which is fortified with 100% nano-sized Ceramide molecules to increase penetration into skin and enhance skin’s moisture retention ability to yield a smooth and supple complexion.

New environmentally friendly refill packaging design

ASTALIFT’s transformation is not confined to a new formulation. The new anti-ageing skincare series also features a brand new packaging with a unique refill design that is friendly to the environment.

Tripling the Power of Red with Lycopene and Astaxanthin

h antioxidant properties that can curb the effects of ageing caused by oxidative stress to skin.

Human skin, due to natural ageing and exposure to UV rays, is prone to oxidation damage (in the form of singlet oxygen and free radicals) that leads to age-related skin changes such as fine lines, wrinkles and age spots. While human skin cells have the natural ability to produce antioxidants to protect skin, it deteriorates with age.

Lycopene, newly added to the ASTALIFT formulation, not only has the ability to boost the natural production of antioxidants in skin, it reinforces skin’s natural ability to withstand damage caused by active oxygen and free radicals.

It also increases the lifespan of Astaxanthin and enhances its antioxidant capacity and sustainability by three times.

To optimize the permeability of its ingredients, ASTALIFT utilizes Fujifilm’s proprietary research in nano-technology accumulated in the photographic field to develop nano-size Astaxanthin and Lycopene molecules.

Fujifilm even successfully developed nano-Lycopene at one of the world’s smallest levels, a mere 70 nanometers. This technology allows ASTALIFT’s skin-nourishing ingredients to be delivered in high concentrations deep into skin.

New ASTALIFT Essence Destiny for firmer skin

ASTALIFT will also launch the new Essence Destiny. Developed from Fujifilm’s proprietary collagen research and enhanced with nano-Lycopene and highly-permeable Resveratrol (pterostilbene), also a type of antioxidant, this beauty serum maintains the feel of skin firmness by slowing down the loss of elasticity in the epidermis.

In a breakthrough finding, Fujifilm discovered that mesh collagen, a delicate collagen layer that lies between the epidermis and dermis, is a key component in retaining skin firmness.

While a healthy mesh collagen layer stimulates multiplication of epidermal cells, the degradation of mesh collagen can lead to the appearance of thinning skin, showing loss of elasticity and skin firmness.

To protect the mesh collagen layer, ASTALIFT has added highly-permeable Resveratrol (pterostilbene) to the formulation of Essence Destiny. Of plant origin, this antioxidant activates cell proliferation to achieve firm skin. The growth of epidermal cells thickens the epidermis and prevents the loss of skin firmness due to ageing.

New UV coated packaging design that is nature friendly and user friendly

To complete ASTALIFT’s renewal, the anti-ageing skincare series will come in a new packaging design inspired by the expression of light as it reflects against the skin. The new translucent casing on 6 of the 11 products is buttressed with a UV protection coating to shield the delicate ingredients within from UV degradation. 

Refills are now available for ASTALIFT’s Jelly Aquarysta, lotion, essence, emulsion and cream products. Designed to be more environmental friendly, the unique cartridge refill uses 70% less plastic*. The cleansing, lotion, essence and emulsion products also come in a new pump bottle design that makes it easy and hygienic to use.

* Assuming the average consumption of six sets of products per year

Three Fujifilm proprietary technologies used in ASTALIFT

1 Collagen Research: Collagen, which makes up 70% of the human skin, is also the main component of photographic film. Fujifilm is able to apply its decades-long research and expertise to the cosmetics products.

2 Control of Oxidation: Fujifilm has vast knowledge in the anti-oxidation to prevent photographs from fading.  Applying the expertise and principle to ASTALIFT, skin is given effective and nourishing care to protect it from oxidation – the cause of freckles and ageing as a result of the ravages of harmful ultraviolet rays.

3 Nano-technology: Fujifilm has also applied its proprietary knowledge of nano-technology – utilized for exposing and colour developing in film – to allow high concentrations of nano-sized skin-nourishing ingredients to be delivered effectively and deeply in a targeted manner to the different layers of the skin.

Availability of ASTALIFT in Singapore

ASTALIFT’s reformulated anti-ageing skincare series will be available on Tuesday 15 January at its flagship stores at The Centrepoint (#02-04) and ION Orchard (#B3-66).

Prices for ASTALIFT’s anti-ageing skincare series start from $42 for the Cleansing Gel to $148 for the Jelly Aquarysta.

More information on ASTALIFT’s entire range of anti-ageing, whitening and beauty supplement products can be found on


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