Violet Low-chemistry Plate

High definition thermal CTP plate for commercial/newspaper applications


  • Low-chemistry working with no loss of quality or productivity
  • No developer required, simple finishing process only
  • Environmentally superior
  • Wide exposure latitude for consistently higher quality


[PDF]Brillia HD PRO-V (PDF:70KB)
Brillia HD PRO-V combines the benefits of low-chemistry CTP with the proven low cost of ownership of violet imaging systems. It brings unmatched quality, consistency and productivity to plate production, with extended run lengths and FM capability.
[PDF]Brillia HD PRO-VN (PDF:56KB)
Designed specifically for high quality newspaper production with violet laser diode-equipped platesetters, Brillia PRO-VN combines the productivity, cost and environmental advantages of low-chemistry plate production along with the strengths of Fujifilm’s patented MultiGrain technology.

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