Violet plate

High definition violet CTP plate for commercial/newspaper applications


  • Fujifilm’s proven MultiGrain technology incorporated
  • Excellent tone and dot reproduction
  • High sensitivity plates for maximum platesetter productivity
  • UV ink compatibility without the need for baking
  • Exceptional resistance to press room chemicals
  • Batch-to-batch consistency offering repeatable, predictable results.
  • Totally aqueous. No silver used.


[PDF]Brillia LP-NV2 (PDF:77KB)
Brillia LP-NV2 is the plate of choice for violet platesetters. It brings unmatched quality, consistency and ease of processing for all types of commercial printing, including demanding second-generation FM and hybrid screening applications.
[PDF]Brillia LP-NNV (PDF:70KB)
Designed specifically for newspaper production with violet laser diode equipped platesetters, Brillia LP-NNV provides extra long run-lengths and precise highlight dot printing together with the benefits of Fujifilm’s patented MultiGrain technology for reduced ink usage and improved ink/water balance.

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