Thermal Processless Plate

The simplest and fastest way to make plates

Processless plate production represents the simplest way to make plates. Once the plate has been imaged in a platesetter, it is mounted directly on the press where the removal of the plate coating has been cleverly integrated into the start-up of the press. There is complete elimination of the processor, associated chemistry, energy required to power the processor, water and waste from plate production.

As Brillia HD PRO-T3 is highly sensitive, rated at 120 mJ/cm2, it does not reduce productivity, and actually speeds up production compared to a traditional system requiring a processor or finishing unit, as the plate can be mounted directly on-press once imaged.

This means PRO-T3 represents the fastest way of getting a plate on-press, and all the variables associated with processors and finishing units, including the time and labour involved with their maintenance, are all eliminated.


There is complete elimination of the processor, associated chemistry, energy required to power the processor, water and waste.



A new-generation fully processless plate that enables a faster startup. SUPERIA ZP is a fully processless plate that has evolved from PRO-T3. It has the well-established startup performance as well as improved printing stability offering ease of printing and scumming resistance. The fully processless nature of the plate delivers resource saving effect in all aspects, as well as excellence in startup and printing quality at the same time.

The newly adopted “s-HDS technology” contributes to enhanced scumming resistance and greater water window

Fujifilm’s proprietary substrate surface treatment technology “MGV(MULTIGRAIN V)” has been adopted with the newly-developed “s-HDS (super Hydro Discrimination Surface) technology” for added scumming resistance and greater water window. The new technology has synergistic effects with RSS and FPD technologies, performances proved in PRO-T3, to enable fast and stable on-press plate development, offering the following benefits:

1) Improved hydrophilic surface reduces ink scumming deposits in blanket cylinders and impression cylinders. This lowers day-to-day maintenance which realizes Man-hour Saving.

2) Advanced scumming resistance boosts the plate’s water window, enabling printing with less water. The reduction in ink over-emulsification ensures stable quality and cuts back on waste paper (thereby saving resources).

3) The technology enables more stable and quick on-press plate development. The fast startup at all times regardless of printing conditions shortens printing time further (Man-hour Saving) and reduces waste paper upon startup (Material Saving).


As with previous models, this plate also offers the following benefits:

  • Zero developing solution, waste liquid and water
  • Zero power for driving a processor
  • Ultimate space saving

Main Specifications

Sensitivity 120mJ (Equivalent to the thermal positive plates LH-PJ, PJ2 and PL)
Compatible light source 830nm LD light source
Safelight May be handled under white light
Run length 50,000 – 100,000 copies*1
Halftone dot reproducibility 200 lines, 1 – 99%
High resolution printing /
FM screening capability
AM300 lines, TAFFETA20 (also supporting other manufacturers’ FM screening*2)
  • *1 Varies according to printing conditions
  • *2 Depending on plate setters

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