Prescale Sheet Type


Prescale Sheet Type, which is pre-cut into an easy-to-use size.

Prescale Sheet Type is a new addition to Prescale series. It is easy to use and uniformly thin as standard Prescale, the pressure measurement film that enables checking of pressure and its distribution, difficult to determine by other means.
When pressure is applied, red patches of various densities will appear according to the pressure level.
Six types of films are offered to cover a wide range of pressure levels (0.2 to 300 MPa).
Five 270 mm x 200 mm sheets come in a box.

Line Up

Six products of Sheet Type are supplied according to pressure level. Select appropriate Prescale.
Medium Pressure (MW) and Extreme Low Pressure (4LW) are for Roll Type only.

Line Up, Six types of Prescale


  • *W in the product codes indicates two-sheet type, S indicates mono-sheet type.