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Double Balloon Endoscope for Specialized Treatment

New Therapeutic Double Balloon Endoscope

with 3.2mm diameter forceps channel - ideal for various procedures-
The new EN-580T and EN-530T are now added to Fujifilm’s line-up of double-balloon endoscopes which have greatly contributed to accurate diagnosis and treatment for diseases of the small intestine. Featuring a large forceps channel of 3.2 mm in diameter, improved close focus capability and relocated balloon air feed inlet, they meet users' needs for more accurate and efficient examinations and treatment.

A large forceps channel of 3.2 mm in diameter for efficient treatment


The 3.2 mm diameter forceps channel suits various procedures like hemostasis and balloon dilation, providing greater suction performance than that of conventional models. As it enables blood or mucus to be aspirated while a therapeutic device is inserted, quicker hemostasis is possible. The large forceps channel is also intended for easier insertion and removal of a balloon catheter before and after dilataion of strictures.


Superior image quality in close focus for more detailed diagnosis

The new High Resolution Super CCD* ensures vivid and high quality images, while the newly designed close-focus optics enhances the possibility of obtaining more detailed images, thus allowing the compilation of a wide range of data necessary for diagnosis. Used in combination with FICE (Flexible spectral Imaging Color Enhancement)**, it provides better contrast for vascular and surface patterns in close focus, emphasizing the structure of tissue aspects and vessels.

  • *Only EN-580T is equipped with High Resolution Super CCD. EN-530T is equipped with Super CCD.
  • **a Fujifilm proprietary image processing technology

Relocated balloon air feed inlet for better operability

The balloon air feed inlet has been relocated from the control portion to the connector portion, creating a better examination environment. Also, a one-touch type connector specially designed for the balloon air feed inlet on the endoscope is provided, making the preparation simpler.