Endoscopes 580 series

Unique 580 series scopes are ideal for various procedures

For further information see also Double Balloon Endoscope and Smart Bend.


The newly-developed “short” Double Balloon Endoscope (sDBE) is engineered to overcome technically-challenging therapeutic ERCP procedures in patients with surgically-altered anatomy such as Roux-en-Y reconstruction or hepaticojejunostomy anastomosis. The “short” Double Balloon Endoscope‘s length of 155 cm is optimum in these procedures; it provides compatibility with most standard ERCP devices as well as superior manoeuvrability for smoother insertion in situations of complex anatomy.

Field of view


Observation range

2 ~ 100 mm

Distal end diameter

9.4 mm

Flexible portion diameter

9.3 mm

Bending capability

Up 180° / Down 180° / Right 160° / Left 160°

Working length

1,550 mm

Total length

1,850 mm

Minimum instrument channel diameter 

3.2 mm