GW-100 “CO2 regulator”

Support endoscopic examination and treatment by stable CO2 supply

  • Directly connectable to medical CO2 pipeline in the hospital
  • Easy-to-use CO2 flow rate switching function
  • Compact and lighweight

A CO2 insufflator enables clinicians to offer optimum procedures, minimizing patients’ discomfort from bloating with air and cramping. Our latest endoscopic CO2 regulator GW-100 has the following excellent features.

1. Directly connectable to medical Co2 pipeline in the hospital

The endoscopic CO2 regulator GW-100 is a versatile system, which can be connected to medical CO2 pipeline or CO2 gas cylinder.

2. Easy-to-use CO2 flow rate switching function

The CO2 flow rate can be selected by one push of the button on the front panel.

3. Compact and lightweight

The system is compact and lightweight, saving space on a cart.

System configuration

[Chart] Basic Digital Systems - Recommended System Solution 01