JW-2 “Water Irrigation system”

JW-2 Features

  • 1.Specially designed for endoscope examination and treatment.
  • 2.Operator can control water flow with foot switch.
  • 3.Large 1-liter water bottle is equipped for long time endoscope examination.
  • 4.Thanks to unique piping technology, operator can stop water flow very quickly in order to avoid water dropping


Power supply 120V/230V
Power consumption rated 0.20A/0.12A
Fuse T500mA/250Vx2
Applicable endoscopes Fujinon endoscopes with a water-jet mechanism
Operation method Turn on/off a foot switch
Flow rate adjustment Unstepped continuously variable
Dimensions(WxHxD) 240X215X315mm (with standard accessories)
Mass 2.9kg