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Features of Studio / Field Lens

FUJINON's Studio / Field lenses are essential for applications requiring the ultimate in control and optical quality. Our latest box lenses have advanced unique technologies, and they compliment various production styles. All FUJINON box zoom lenses can be utilized for large sporting events, entertainment and studio program production. Fujifilm will continue to develop products used in a wide-range of productions.

DIGIPOWER — Digital servo technology


Digital technology has been incorporated for a high degree of reliability and accuracy of lens control. Fujifilm's DIGIPOWER provides vastly improves accuracy and repeatability over previous designs and it enables custom control parameters to be memorized for individual camera operator's preferences.

[Image] DIGIPOWER — Digital servo technology

Quick Zoom

QUICKZOOM speed is 0.6sec from end to end. QUICKZOOM provides a rapid zoom movement to the telephoto position to check focus by the simple push of a switch. Releasing the button returns the lens to the previously selected zoom position. QUICKZOOM can be performed remotely from zoom rate demand units.

[Image] Quick Zoom

One shot preset

Zoom and focus can be preset and memorized in advance at a selected position. One touch of the switch during shooting will instantly return to the memorized position for time saving production.

Virtual connector (optional)

An interface connector which provides an output of lens positional data is conveniently located on FUJINON's latest box lenses for interface with virtual systems.

[Image] Virtual connector (optional)

Zoom limit

The zoom limit function can be used in servo operational mode. By using this function the zoom movement toward both the wide and telephoto side can be limited.


[Logo] OS-TECH

With high magnifi cation zoom lenses, the possibility of image vibration is a cause of concern at long focal lengths. FUJIFILM developed a unique image stabilization technology called “OS-TECH.” This unique system optically compensates for image vibration resulting in stable pictures even at extreme focal lengths.

OS-TECH features “The Optical Shift System” where a shift correction signal is generated to optically compensate for vibration according to the amount of the movement detected. This system responds quickly and reduces the phenomenon to a minimum allowing for a natural looking image. The conveniently located control allows the operator to switch the anti-vibration system on and off.

[Image] OS-TECH

FIND system

“FIND” is a self-diagnostic system to provide immediate analysis of the lens electronics systems. Installing software for DIGIPOWER in your PC allows a graphical user interface and provides improved diagnostic functions. In addition, the FIND system also works with portable lenses.

[Image] FIND system

Advanced back focus

This system allows macro shooting at 0.3m (HA27×6.5: 0.05m) from the object. Focus fades are also possible at the wide end with the use of a simple remote control unit. The focus fader capability enhances the creative possibilities of these lenses while adding a unique look to the production.

Dust proof and anti-fogging design

Studio and field lenses incorporate a fixed front element, which reduces dust contamination and serves as protection for the front focus group. A concealed compartment, which contains a drying agent, serves to reduce fogging of the internal lens components due to humidity.